Shainline Excavating Inc. Since 1950.


The Shainline family has a long history in construction.  In both Southeastern PA and in Ruskin FL, the Shainline family is known for their talent in the trades. 


Company History


After serving in the Navy as Machinist's Mate on a minesweeper, John Jr. married Dolores and worked in construction.  Even as a high-schooler he had a truck that he used for hauling coal for people and moving people.  More than 69 years ago, the first generation of Shainline Excavating, John Jr. bought his first bulldozer that was completely unassembled.  He rebuilt it to start the business with grading and excavating services.  Jack (John III) joined his father on the bulldozer at the age of three.  Jack fell in love with the work and operated machinery for his dad during the summer.  In 1971, after high school, he worked with his father full-time as a partner, doing jobs like clearing Marsh Creek Lake in Chester County (an Army Corp of Engineers Project).  Also, he participated in clearing for the Blue Route (I476) in Conshohocken.



In 1972 Shainline Jr. expanded the business to Ruskin, Florida, where he lived and turned the business over to Jack Shainline III.  The business was incorporated in 1976.  At that time, Shainline Excavating Inc. started working with Great Valley Water.  Shainline continued to do utility construction in 1984 for Philadelphia Suburban Water and then for the publicly traded company, AQUA.  Phyllis, Jack's wife worked as the Secretary-Treasurer of the company until her passing in 2014.


In the mid-1990s, Shainline purchased its first milling machine to do trench restoration.  They expanded the milling services and worked for ten years with PennDOT doing milling.  At this time, Shainline moved from the original Shainline garage in Malvern to the current facilities in 1996 where offices, garage, and the fleet are housed.  John IV worked with his dad each summer, just like Jack did with his dad.  After graduating from high school, John IV went on to become Certified in diesel and automotive work as a machinist. 


The first vacuum excavator was added to the fleet in 2014 and the fleet was expanded with a second vacuum excavator in 2016.  These complex machines provide a significant advantage by excavating quickly and safely around electric lines, gas pipes, and fiber optic communication cables. Jack's youngest daughter,  Cali helped her dad with the bookkeeping. She later served as CEO from 2018 to 2019.


John IV is Vice President and Misty, his wife, is the CEO. John IV also maintains the trucks, machines, and all other equipment for the company. 


Jack still works tirelessly.  He is proud to recount the many places where Shainline Excavating Inc. has installed thousands of feet of pipe that provides clean water to housing developments, hospitals, schools, municipalities, etc.  Today, Shainline Excavating Inc. has frequently been called upon to replace the old infrastructure.  Clients find great value in Shainline's experience having worked on those complex projects originally. Shainline can solve engineering problems, that modernization has created.  The next generation of Shainlines (John V) is being trained by his father and his grandfather to continue the tradition of quality service for the right value.