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Unique qualities (maybe the truck details)  
Values and beliefs 
Who are we now  
Plans for the future 
Any awards/accolades/etc.


(The beginning) Our history is long and storied. Originally founded in 1950, John Shainline Jr. began his career purchasing an unassembled bulldozer. Once he built the machine, he began the business with grading and excavation services.    


(19?? ) His son, Jack (John Shainline III) fell in love with the work, having ridden around on the bulldozer since the age of three. Upon graduating high school, Jack joined his father full time as a partner, leading jobs such as the clearing of Marsh Creek Lake and the clearing of land for Interstate 476. 


(1970s-1980s) In 1972 our business would see expansion into Ruskin, Florida where John Jr. lived. Jack inherited the main division in Pennsylvania and later incorporated the company in 1977. We would then begin business with Great Valley Water doing (list major jobs or what we did for them here).  



Trench restoration 
PennDOT Work 
Garage relocation 


(2010s - present) 

Name any large projects we completed 
Expanding our services (Vac Trucks) 
Misty CEO 
Pandemic Survival? -people want to know how businesses handled their response to the pandemic 
Jack giving 51%/Woman Owned Company 

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