We work for our customers either as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor.  The size, diversity and complexity of our projects are challenges that we welcome because solving problems is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.  We have an established team of project managers with experience in the field that creates a significant foundation for the projects' success.  Our foremen, operators, and laborers are thoroughly trained and qualified, completing their work in an efficient, safe and economical manner.

Utility & Municipal Projects

Utility and Municipal projects are the core of our business.  Some of our projects and goals include:

  • Renewing utility infrastructure in both private and public right-of-ways;

  • Working in heavily trafficked areas where public safety is paramount;

  • Ensuring the Utility's best interest through adherence to safety, project, and cost specifications;

  • Satisfying OSHA and EPA regulations to keep interruptions to a minimum;

  • Providing quality work together with speed.

Rehab in Confined Spaces

Shainline's experience is vital to delivering a solution for any job that requires the complex work of rehabbing meter pits and pumping stations. Shainline works right alongside the engineers to solve their problems when modifying existing facilities.  

Your project will be equipped with the right team to work in confined spaces.