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Utility Construction

Shainline specializes in all aspect of the watermain installation process. As part of the watermain installation process we also can connect water line services to homes and businesses. We install new and replace old fire hydrants.

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation utilizes a pressurized hose similar to a power washer and a wide hose to vacuum mud and debris, hence the name. Vacuum excavation is very efficient at exposing underground utility lines without the potential of damaging them like conventional digging.

Confined Space Construction

Construction of services access  

Permanent Trench  Restoration

Removal of temporary asphalt from previously excavated areas. Repaved with permanent asphalt in preparation for final milling and overlay. 

Snow Removal

Currently, Shainline is contracted with East Pikeland Township to clear snow and slush in the event of inclement weather. Our fleet and drivers are more than capable of clearing the roadways to make conditions safer to drive. 

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